BarSTORM: Print Barcodes from Any Network Printer

What if you could print your own barcodes without the hassle of upgrading your hardware? Now you can, thanks to BarSTORM, the leading barcode printing solution from Top Barcodes.

What Is BarSTORM?

BarSTORM is a barcode printing software solution that runs in a Virtual Machine (VM) environment. BarSTORM lets you print barcodes on ANY standard printer or MFD without the need for additional hardware.

At a Glance: The Features and Benefits of BarSTORM

  • Printer-Independent. Automatically print barcodes on any manufacturer’s PCL printer or MFD. It’s ideal for mixed fleets.
  • Software Offering Seamless Integration. There’s no need to purchase additional barcode DIMMS, USB drives or hardware “widgets” once you have BarSTORM.
  • Support Multiple Printers with a Single Solution. Manage barcode printing across multiple sites from one convenient and centralised location.
  • Save Money. Avoid having to buy new hardware each time your printer fleet is replaced.
  • Easy to Implement and Manage. BarSTORM will integrate smoothly into your existing VM infrastructure.

Multi-Vendor Printer Support by BarSTORM

BarSTORM gives full BarDIMM functionality to any manufacturer’s PCL device, allowing you to print barcodes on any printer or MFD.

With its “BarDIMM Inside” technology, BarSTORM is completely compatible with BarDIMM. You still get all the great features of BarDIMM minus the limitations. You can easily replace your HP printers and MFDs with devices from other vendors when you use BarSTORM and not have to worry about making any hardware upgrades

Print on Multiple Printers with BarSTORM

One of the best features of BarSTORM is its capacity to support multiple printers across multiple sites. BarSTORM software runs in a Virtual Machine (VM) environment; it’s a virtual print server that can link to all of your current printing devices.

This feature allows you to print barcodes on numerous printers and MFDs from a variety of vendors. All you have to do is purchase an unlocked BarSTORM license for each of the output devices that you want to print barcodes on and you’re good to go.

Save Money with BarSTORM

Being “vendor-neutral”, BarSTORM saves you money since you won’t need to purchase a new barcode printing solution each time you renew your printer fleet. Simply install your new devices and continue printing with BarSTORM the same way you did on your old devices.

Try BarSTORM for Yourself

BarSTORM is available from Top Barcodes along with expert tech support. Find out more on installing and using BarSTORM.

You can even download a demo of the BarSTORM software to test the solution with your own data and on your own printers before purchasing.

Looking to print barcodes from Windows applications? You can with our Barcode Singles solution. Check out our website to discover more of our intelligent barcode solutions.

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