Things You Should Know About Barcodes

A barcode is something that is not just for prescriptions or supermarkets. There are a number of reasons why it can be good for your business and in this article, we will be looking over the factors to help you consider whether or not to use these in your business.

They are not complicated

Some people can be hesitant about barcodes because they think it might be difficult to set up. This is not the case as a printing system is relatively simple and you can find one that is compatible with the printer you use (for example using LaserJet barcodes).

Reduces errors

The simple fact is regardless of how careful you are a human being will make a lot more errors than a scanned code. If you are writing by hand you are reliant on people being able to read your handwriting. Even with keyboards for every 1000 strokes there is an average of 10 errors, so at best time is spent correcting those errors. By contrast with every 10,000 scans there is the average of only one error.

While that may not seem significant, imagine that those errors were the cost of a bottle of champagne or the address of a crucial client. These little slip ups can make a big difference, so it pays to reduce this as much as possible!


Can be adjusted

Another advantage is that the information can be scalable, if you need to add more data all you have to is get additional barcodes. This is worth knowing because as your business grows it is good to know that your technology can grow and adapt to your changing circumstances as required.

Be more competitive

The fact is being able to enter more data will make your business more competitive. For example, it allows you to process more inventory and keep on top of your stock. This will in turn reduce any duplicate orders, helping to cut waste and can be used to make the stock taking process more efficient.

Some companies may be concern that they use packaging with hard materials. Fortunately, there are barcodes available that are specifically designed for cardboard and other harder materials.

Can be used for security

If you run a nightclub then it is not always easy to track numbers. Having wrist bracelets with barcodes on will allow you to keep an eye on who is coming or going out of the club. Furthermore, there is the additional bonus as you can clearly see who has got in. However, while using colourful bands can be aesthetically pleasing it is important to check that they can be properly scanned.

The right solution

As with any investment it pays to know how to get the most from your barcode solutions. At Top Barcode we can look at your situation and find the ideal setup to suit your needs in a way that is relatively inexpensive. For more information contact us today and we will be happy to discuss your needs in more detail.