Make Your Business Better With Barcodes

Barcodes are more than just the things you scan when going to the supermarket. What you may not know is that it can make your business more efficient, reduce costs and even be a useful form of marketing. For a relatively small investment, barcode scanners and technology can make your business better.
Can be adjusted to suit your needs
Whether it is a Code 128 or other form, there is something specific to suit your needs. The data you can enter can vary, everything from medical information for prescription barcodes to information about stock inventory.

Stay competitive
The simple fact is a company that has access to more advanced technology can work faster. For example, if you run a café and you scan through orders rather than write them down, the transaction takes less time. Furthermore, this means being more efficient and productive.
On top of this, being able to more accurately check stock levels should reduce the risk of over or under ordering stock, preventing waste and ensuring that customers can have what they want.
Reduced errors
One of the biggest advantages of using barcodes is the reduction in errors. Even if you are incredibly accurate, the average person makes 10 errors every 1000 times you hit the keys, while a scanner makes an error once every 1000 scans.

Easier training
The problem with having your own system is that you need to show people how that works. The danger with that is if you have to go away suddenly this may make life difficult. With a barcode system, it is easier to train people and learn the system, giving you the reassurance that things can keep running smoothly if you have a sudden emergency.
An additional benefit of more accurate stock inventory is that it is a lot harder to steal items, as it is easier to see if something has gone missing, whereas with a handwritten system it can be harder to keep track of items going in and out. This can also extend to events, with scanned wristbands allowing you to have more of an idea of who has come in and out of premises (such as a nightclub or a festival).

QR codes have now become more commonplace as forms of marketing. This is common with film posters and adverts, allowing people to access trailers or videos that give them more information on products. Just remember to give people links to information they haven’t seen before, and that the code is large enough to see and easy enough to scan.
Get more from your barcodes
There are numerous types of barcode, both in terms of the type of code or what they are suitable for, such as LaserJet barcodes for LaserJet printers. It is worth talking to someone experienced who can give you the best options to suit your needs. Contact Top Barcodes today, and we will be happy to find a barcode setup that will make your business better.