Code 128
(EAN 128 / GS1 128 / PayPoint)

Widely adopted by many industry applications, the Code 128 barcode is a high-density linear symbology that encodes text, numbers, numerous functions and the entire 128 ASCII character set (from ASCII 0 to ASCII 128).

Because of its high-density alphanumeric symbology, Code 128 is a highly effective solution for organisations that rely heavily on data transmission. USPS uses UCC/EAN128 barcodes to uniquely identify mail pieces and to designate the type of services requested. Code 128 is an ideal choice for the creation of tracking numbers and other such requirements.

There are various standards for Code 128 barcode symbology, which dictate how you should generate these barcodes depending on the implementation. Top Barcodes solutions include everything you need to generate Code 128 barcodes that meet any of these standards, including GS1-128 (previously known as UCC-128 and EAN-128), ISBT-128, USS Code 128, ISS Code 128, SSCC-18 and The Global Trade Item Number (GTIN).

Top Barcodes offers a comprehensive Code 128 barcode font kit complete with useful add-ons and services. We provide Code 128 kits for Windows applications as well as non-Windows applications and custom environments.

Need advice on or assistance with our Code 128 Barcode kits? Call Top Barcodes on +44 (0) 1489 505075 and speak with a highly experienced technical support operative today.

  • Get Code 128 for Windows
    • Code 128
      (EAN 128 / GS1 128 / PayPoint)


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      Product Description

      Barcode Singles 1D

      Barcode Singles is a comprehensive collection of barcode fonts and Utilities that allow users to create and print their own barcodes from within Windows and are available to be purchased and licenced across many combinations of environments.

      • Produce variable barcodes from within Windows applications
      • Automatic error checking and encoding
      • Fully integrated into Microsoft Office
      • Add-in for MS Word, MS Excel
      • Extended Excel Functions
      • DLL for own developments (MS Access, .NET, VB, C#, etc.)
      • Graphics Image Generation
      • Batch File Conversions
      • Easy component MSI installs ready-for-use in minutes
      • Licencing: User, Server & Enterprise for all situations

      Example Uses of Barcode Fonts

      • Packaging
      • Marketing material / Coupons
      • Document Tracking
      • Warehouse / Stock control
      • Labels
      • Database Records

      Advantages of Barcode Fonts

      • Fonts are Fully Scalable, with Human-readable text options
      • Create as many as you require
      • Easy to insert or integrate where required
      Office Utilities & Functions

      Windows Barcode Utility

      • Provides error checking, and checksums
      • Allows you to enter manual data for single barcodes to cut & paste
      • Produces optional graphics Image file of Barcode created
      • Provides batch mode for Barcode String File conversion
      • Four heights, each then fully scalable


      Fontware Barcoder

      Graphics Image Generation


      Save as Graphic

      Office Add-in – Word & Excel

      • Add in Ribbon Bar to Word & Excel
      • Select and Insert Barcode
      • Quick Encode existing data mode
      • Error checking

      Excel menu with Barcode

      Excel Functions

      • Add in Barcode functions for full cell control and Excel usage

      Insert Function

      Function Arguments

      DLL & Variants

      DLL Functions

        • Provides Windows Integrated assembly DLL
        • For applications and use with .Net, C#, F#, VB, C++, etc
        • For use with MS Access
        • Build into own applications
        • Provided with Simple Code Samples
        • ActiveX and Com add-in

      Windows Menu

      Barcode Variants Available

      • Code 128 (EAN 128 / GS1 128 / PayPoint)
      • Code 39 / Extended
      • Interleaved 2 of 5 / ITF 14 / OPC
      • EAN13 – 2/5 Supplements / ISBN
      • EAN 8 – 2/5 Supplements
      • UPC-A
      • UPC-E

      * Customisations available on request. Please contact us.

  • Get Code 128 for Non-Windows
    • BarSTORM

      This virtual software solution enables auto-barcode printing on ANY manufacturer’s printer or MFD and is ideal for barcode printing to multiple output devices. BarSTORM can support an unlimited number of printers and MFDs from a single instance, making it an ideal Unix, AS400 and SAP barcoding solution.

      barcode and QR code
    • BarDIMM

      BarDIMM is an internal USB plug-in solution designed to enable barcode printing on a range of Hewlett Packard (HP) printers and MFDs. One BarDIMM unit is required per output device.

    • BarDIMM Box

      A cost-effective and practical solution for those who require barcode printing capability on just a few printers, or a single output device, the BarDIMM Box enables auto-barcode printing on ANY manufacturer’s printer or MDF. It is a hardware unit that connects directly to a single output device — one BarDIMM box is required per output device, for multiple devices we recommend BarSTORM.

  • Want to Learn More about Our Code 128 Barcode Solutions?
    • Call Top Barcodes on 01489 505 075 and speak with a highly experienced technical support operative today.

Want to Learn More about Our Code 128 Barcode Solutions?

Call Top Barcodes on +44 (0) 1489 505075 and speak with a highly experienced technical support operative today.

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  • Packaging
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  • Stock control
  • Database records
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  • Many more

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  • Windows
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  • Unix
  • AS400
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  • Moray Council
  • London Borough of Camden
  • UPS
  • DHL International
  • Swisslog
  • D B Schenker
  • Parcelforce Worldwide
  • TNT Logistics
  • Manchester Royal Infirmary
  • Ease Lancs Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Basingstoke & North Hants NHS Trust
  • Northern Ireland Blood Transfusion Service
  • Royal Liverpool Hospital
  • Blackpool, Fylde & Wyre NHS Trust
  • University Of Manchester
  • University Of Portsmouth
  • Lancaster University
  • University Of Miami
  • Kingston University
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • Citibank
  • Royal Bank Of Scotland
  • HFC Bank
  • Bank of New York Limited
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