Barcode Singles 1D Solutions for Windows – Overview

Bills payment using a barcode

Our Barcode Singles font kit contains an entire collection of 1D barcode fonts and utilities that can be used to produce variable barcodes from within Windows applications.

Create an unlimited number of fully scalable barcode fonts for use in a wide range of practical applications, from packaging to document tracking and stock control. Download a FREE demo barcode kit now and trial our Singles 1D Barcode fonts for PC.

Bills payment using a barcode

1D Barcode Variants Available

Customisations available on request. Please contact us.


Barcode Singles is a comprehensive collection of barcode fonts and utilities that allows users to create and print their own barcodes from within Windows. Barcodes are available to be purchased and licenced across many combinations of environments and are easy to insert or integrate where required.

Product Features
  • Produce variables barcodes from within the Windows applications
  • Automatic error checking and encoding
  • Full integrated into Microsoft Office
  • Add-in for MS Word and MS Excel
  • Extended Excel Functions
  • DLL for Own Developments (MS Access, .Net, VB, C#, etc)
  • Graphics Image Generation
  • Batch File Conversion
  • Easy Component MSI install ready to use in simply in minutes
  • Licensing: User, Server & Enterprise for all situations
Examples Uses of Barcodes Fonts
  • Packaging
  • Marketing Material / Coupons
  • Document Tracking
  • Warehouse / Stock Control
  • Labels
  • Database Records
  • Barcode Singles is compatible with current version 8 to 10
  • Windows Server 2008 on, with 32 & 64-bit support
  • MS Office 2008-2016
  • Remote Desktop & Virtual Environments
Advantages of Barcode Fonts
  • Fonts are Fully Scalable with Human readable text options
  • Create as many as you require
  • Easy to insert or integrate where required
Windows Barcode Utility
  • Provides Error Checking and Check Sums
  • Allows you to enter manual data for single barcodes to cut & paste
  • Produces optional graphic image files of Barcode created
  • Provide batch mode for Barcode String File Conversion
  • 4 Heights, each then fully scalable
Fontware Barcoder user interface
Graphic Image Generation
Save as a Graphic
Office Add in – Word & Excel
      • Add in Ribbon Bar to Word & Excel
      • Select and Insert Barcode
      • Quick Encode existing data mode
      • Error checking
Excel Menu
Excel Functions
      • Add in Barcode functions for full cell control and Excel usage
Insert Function
Function Arguments
DLL Functions
      • Provides Windows Integrated assembly DLL
      • For applications and use with .Net, C#, F#, VB, C++, etc
      • For use with MS Access
      • Build into own applications
      • Provided with Simple Code Samples
      • ActiveX and Com add-in
Windows Explorer

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Why Choose Top Barcodes?

Top Barcodes is a leading provider of intelligent barcode solutions to suit every requirement, from 1D and 2D barcode font kits to complete barcode printing solutions. We pride ourselves on offering expert technical support, auto-encoding and legacy system compatibility. No matter the complexity of your requirements, or the application you’re looking to print barcodes from, we can help.

All Industry Sectors

  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Financial
  • Government
  • Many more

Range of Applications

  • Document tracking
  • Packaging
  • Labeling
  • Stock control
  • Database records
  • Warehousing etc
  • Many more

Variety of Environments

  • Windows
  • SAP
  • Unix
  • AS400
  • PCL
  • Prescribe
  • Many more