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2D Barcode Font kit for Windows


  • Barcode font kit includes automatic encoding software for ease of use (PC version)
  • Barcode scan be printed on any Windows compatible printer
  • FREE Demo barcode kit can be downloaded from our website

Product Features

Our 2D barcode fonts kits in PC format are supplied with an Encoding Utility, a DLL to build into your own applications, Crystal Reports Support and Encoding Information.

Our barcode fonts (in soft format) are available to be purchased & downloaded from our web site or you can contact us & the fonts can be emailed or sent to you on CD.

2D Barcode Font Kits

Powerful barcode font kits for creating Data Matrix, PDF417, AZTEC& QR Code barcodes from within programmable Windows applications.

Each kit includes True Type, Open Type and Post Script fonts, and a DLL, an Active-X component, a fully- managed-code .NET component and a Java class which maybe called to translate data into the text required to produce the barcode in the supplied font. The kits also contain a UFL (User Function Library) for use within Crystal Reports; each of these can generate barcodes up to the limit of formula strings.

The DLL and .NET components in each kit include functions to decode the text form of the barcode into the original data, allowing
the barcode to be read by software.


  • The fonts are not suitable for use without the appropriate DLL or Active-X component.
  • All developer font products include an embedding licence so that fonts maybe embedded into Acrobat pdf pages or font objects created for embedding barcodes into web pages.
  • The font kit includes the fonts and a DLL, an Active-X component, a fully-managed-code .NET component and a Java class which maybe called from most languages to convert a character string into a barcode, plus a UFL for use within Crystal Reports.
  • The DLL/OCX is suitable for calling from Visual Basic, VB. NET, C#, Visual C++, Microsoft Office, Delphi, C++ Builder and many other development systems. The DLL/OCX also provides relevant specific format controls).


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