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Professional Barcode Printing for Host, ERP, Custom and Windows Applications

A unique multi-port barcode print server enabling auto barcode printing, with flash memory for additional data storage

BarSTORM application is supplied as a physical standalone appliance or as a Virtualised Image

BarSTORM is a network print appliance. It acts as a print server on your network, receiving Barcode print data from a variety of sources, which it converts then passes on to your printers.

  • Incorporates the genuine Jetmobile™ Intelligent BarDIMM™ barcoding technology
  • Allows automatic barcode printing on any PCL printer or multi-function device
  • Base unit default specification has 1 Network port unlocked
  • Base unit upgradeable to a maximum of 50 x unlocked network ports on a single unit
  • Over 60 One Dimensional (1D) barcodes and 8 Two Dimensional (2D) barcodes
  • Supports full auto encoding and error checking
  • Integrates seamlessly with ERP software including: SAP R/3, Oracle, Peoplesoft, JD Edwards and BAAN
  • Integrates seamlessly with most Windows applications with BDTTGEN™
  • Uses Jetmobile™ Barcode DIMM code under licence, so 100% compatible with BarDIMM ™

Appliance Version

BarSTORM is a hardware appliance form-factor device, based on an AMD Geode LX 800 processor, 256Mb Ram and 128 MB DOM, Standard Interfaces for optional configuration, USB, VGA

Virtualised Version

BarSTORM Virtualised is a VMware or Linux KVM virtual machine image. The software is delivered as a virtual disk image to install into your own virtualisation infrastructure.

Product Features

  • Connects to a 10baseT/100baseTX TCP/IP network & can support up to 50 network attached PCL printers
  • Configured via a built-in web user interface
  • Accepts data from mainframe, Unix, Windows and Linux application servers using Berkeley LPD protocol, IPP protocol and simple TCP raw-data transfer. It also is able to collect print jobs from Windows (SMB/CIFS) and Unix (NFS) network-shared “hot folders”.
  • Can masquerade as multiple printers by assuming an IP address for each printer. (IP Aliasing), using this feature, it is possible to use BarSTORM to replace a number of legacy desktop printers with no change to the application which generates the print jobs.
  • Supports most PCL printers & multi-function devices
  • Can store custom Fonts, Forms, Signatures and Logos in Flash Memory, managed from the web interface.


Virtually any barcode can be printed in many sizes or orientation and read by all readers and scanners

  • Over 68 standard & 2D barcode
  • Seamless integration with ERPs including: SAP R/3 (from V3.0), Oracle, Peoplesoft, JD Edwards and BAAN
  • Quality assured as barcodes are verified prior to printing with automatic checksum calculation, bars interleaving and printing of error messages for invalid data
  • Barcodes can be accessed via drivers, PCL commands and escape characters for ease of use from AS/400, Unix and mainframe hosts
  • Many barcodes with adjustable height, width and human readable text, offering unrivalled flexibility
  • Bar code generation at the printer ensures printing speeds are increased and LAN bandwidth is reduced
  • For use in financial, retail, industry, healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, utilities and labeling applications
  • Integrates seamlessly with most Windows applications with BDTTGEN™

Flash Memory

  • Securely and permanently installed, so fonts, forms logos and signatures etc. are always available on printer power-up
  • Reduces network traffic and bottlenecks by eliminating some large components of print files
  • Increases printing speeds as fonts and logos etc. don’t have to be downloaded
  • Flash memory can be easily reprogrammed or updated

Barcode Support

One Dimensional (1D) Barcodes

  • UPC-A, UPC-A +2, UPC-A +5
  • UPC-E, UPC-E +2, UPC-E +5
  • EAN/JAN-8, EAN/JAN-8 +2, EAN/JAN-8 +5
  • EAN/JAN-13, EAN/JAN-13 +2, EAN/JAN-13 +5
  • 2 of 5 interleaved (+CHK), 2 of 5 matrix (+CHK), 2 of 5 industrial (+CHK)
  • Code 39 / Code 3 of 9 (+CHK), 3 of 9 extended (+CHK)
  • Code 93(+CHK), 93 extended (+CHK)
  • Code 128 autoswitch, 128 A/B/C, EAN128, UCC128
  • Codabar-Monarch (+CHK 10),
  • MSI Plessey (+CHK 10 & CHK 10), MSI Plessey (+CHK 11 & CHK 10)
  • RSS-14, RSS Limited, RSS Expanded, RSS Composite Component
  • Postal barcodes for US, Australian, Danish, French, German & Singapore
  • UK Royal Mail RS4CC, ZIP+4 Postnet,
  • USPS Tray, Sack & Zebra

Two Dimensional (2D) Barcodes

  • PDF417, Macro PDF417, Datamatrix, UPS Maxicode, CODABLOCK-F, Aztec, QRCode 1 & QRCode 2

Other Fonts

  • OMR Codes – Optical Mark Recognition marks for most mailroom equipment
  • Optical Character Recognition Fonts – OCR-A and OCR-B
  • Additional fonts included contain transport, packaging and Euro symbols


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BarSTORM Test Files

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