Product Description

Easily print barcodes from SAP, other ERPs, Unix, Windows on any PCL5e USB or LAN printer
If you need print barcodes on documents output by Windows, SAP R/3, or ECC, Oracle or even your own custom application, connect BarDIMM Box on your network or directly to your USB printer. Your HP-compatible printer will instantly become a barcoding expert, producing intelligently perfect high quality 1D and 2D barcodes at high speed.

Jetmobile BarSIMM, BarDIMM (formerly known as JetCAPS BarSIMM and BarDIMM), BarDIMMtm Pro are the most complete and the easiest solutions to print quickly and accurately barcodes on HP LaserJet printers. The BarDIMM Box brings the BarDIMM technology to all PCL5e compatible printers and to legacy hp printers equipped with USB or LAN connectivity. BarDIMM Box supports one printer, through network or USB. If you have more than one printer, you may acquire more BarDIMM Box or consider BarSTORM, an intelligent print server with “BarDIMM Inside” technology capable of addressing up to 50 printers.

Intelligent barcoding

Unlike some barcode solutions, which merely add fonts to a PC or printer, BarDIMM Box actually extends the PCL5e language with its own innovative barcoding language which has been adopted by many industry leaders such as SAP. Barcode formatting, error detection and checksum calculation are performed by the box, reducing the load on the host. Barcodes can be printed in almost any size or rotation, bar width and height. Caption text can be embedded in the bars or printed above or below the bars in a variety of fonts and sizes.

More than 80 barcode types, scalable, 1D and 2D

BarDIMM Box adds all the barcoding intelligence to your hp LaserJet with more than 80 barcode types, from the simplest 1D barcodes to the most complex and recent 2D barcodes. No programming is required to print professional barcodes: the printer does the job automatically, from checking and compressing incoming data, calculating checksum, to writing text under or above the bars. Furthermore, it features OMR codes for folding/inserting mailroom machines as well as an extensive list of fully scalable manufacturing, safety and Euro currency symbols used by most companies.

Works natively with SAP R/3, SAP ECC, ERPs

BarDIMM Box is Plug&Play with many ERP applications including SAP R/3 and ECC . It is also usable from Oracle, Peoplesoft or JD Edwards or any ERP generating PCL5elanguage for HP LaserJet printers.

Barcoding from Windows

BarDIMM Box is Plug&Play with most Windows applications, using activation through special TrueType fonts. Including a barcode in a document is as easy as selecting a new font in your Windows application (Word, Excel, MS-Access…): just install special TrueType fonts in Windows to activate the barcode generation in the printer. There is no software to load or to buy for PCs and data is converted to barcodes inside the printer, saving a significant amount of network bandwidth. This is both cheaper and safer as barcodes are generated at very high resolution by the printer engine and not as a raster image by the Windows driver.

Barcoding from other systems

Barcoding from any other system such as Unix or mainframes is also available by inserting barcoding commands in PCL5 flows or ASCII/SCS spool files.BarDIMM Pro solution features the full BarDIMM functionalities, plus flash disk to store signatures, forms, logos or fonts. BarDIMM Pro is available on most hp LaserJet printers and as an external print server for entry-level hp LaserJet printers and other non-hp PCL5e printers. The BarDIMM Pro technology can also be licensed for integration in hardware or software, giving all the “BarDIMM inside” benefits.

Supported barcodes

1D barcodes

  • RSS14, UPC-A/E, EAN-8/13, Code 39, Ext Code 39, Code 93, Ext code 93, 25 Interleaved, 25Industrial, 25 Matrix, Code 128, EAN/UCC 128, Codabar Monarch, MSI Plessey, OCR-A & B

2D barcodes

  • PDF 417, Macro PDF 417, AZTEC, UPS Maxicode, DataMatrix, QRCode, Codablock-F, RSS CC-A and CC-B postal barcodes
  • ZIP+4 Postnet, USPS Tray and Sack, USPS Zebra, UK Royal Mail RS4CC , Danish, French and German Postal Barcodes, Singapore and Australia Post 4state barcodes
  • OMR marks
  • Vertical and horizontal marks for most automatic folding/insertion machines.

The advantages of BarDIMM Box

  • Easy to Install: connect BarDIMM Box on the LAN or to the USB port of the printer.
  • Turns any compatible USB printer into a LAN printer
  • Universal: supports more than 80 types of barcodes.
  • Plug&Play in Windows application, standard activation through the application font menu (click here for for information).
  • BarDIMM Box is supported by SAP R/3 and ECC since V3.x.
  • BarDIMM Box is easily usable in PCL/SCS mode from AS/400 and from Unix systems using the included Freescape technology.
  • BarDIMM Box supports almost every barcoding symbology, including 2D barcodes, at any size and direction, with a high resolution (600 dpi).
  • Checks and validates incoming data.
  • Error messages when barcode data is NOT valid for the active symbology.
  • Automatic Checksum calculation and data compression.
  • Text is automatically printed under the bars, formatted and scaled by the printer.
  • Supports Code/EAN/UCC 128 (with automatic switch between sets A, B and C).
  • Supports 2D barcodes: PDF417, UPS Maxicode, DataMatrix, QRCode, Aztec, Codablock, RSS CC
  • Fast and accurate: used in PCL 5e mode, at 600 dots per inch (dpi).
  • BarDIMM Box includes the EURO symbol for legacy systems and printers.
  • Freescape technology to replace Escape char with an ASCII character, configurable from the printer front panel menu and through escape sequence.
  • BarDIMM Box is delivered with a developers guide for quick and easy integration in custom developments.
  • BarDIMM Box includes an extensive library of scalable symbols used on labels and shipping/manufacturing documents.
  • BarDIMM Box features Flash storage capabilities, to keep forms, logos and fonts loaded in the printer for faster throughput


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