Non Windows Barcodes

Non Windows Barcodes

If you’re printing from non-windows applications such as: Unix, AS400, SAP or using Prescribe etc. then we have a range of hardware & software barcode printing solutions designed specifically for these environments.


Enables auto-barcode printing on ANY manufacturers printer or MFD – available in a virtual software format. Ideally suited for barcode printing on multiple output devices. Can support barcode printing on an unlimited number of printers / MFDs from a single instance.

BarDIMM Box:

Enables auto-barcode printing on ANY manufacturers printer or MFD – hardware unit only – one unit required per output device.Suitable for applications that require barcode printing on just a few printers or a single output device.


An internal plug-in solution designed exclusively to enable barcode printing on a range of Hewlett Packard printers & MFDs.One unit required per output device.

PCL Barcode Fonts:

A range of soft PCL barcode fonts, that can be downloaded to a printer / MFD.Available as software only & licensed in bands based on number of printers / MFDs.Requires user generated Encoding, via available DLL or custom coding.

Prescribe Barcodes:

External Hardware Solution that enables you to print barcodes from Prescribe applications (often associated with Kyocera printers / MFDs).for Non Windows Host platforms.

If you have any other requirements not listed above then please contact us.