Improve Your Small Business With Barcodes

When you run a small business, costs can often be an issue. However, it is important to consider what is most appropriate and sometimes a small investment can make a big difference. One example of this is barcodes and in this article, we are going to look at all the ways that a barcode can potentially improve your small business.

Processing sales

Before barcodes it took longer to process sales. Nowadays it is possible to scan through and process items a lot quicker. However, this is not just restricted to larger businesses- printing off barcode fonts is relatively inexpensive and the equipment involved is not as big an investment as you might think.

Quicker price changes

What happens if you need to change the price of an item? Yes, you can argue you can cross out the price on a label and put something else. But what happens if you have to do that on hundreds of products? With a barcode, this can be done through one database.

Easier inventory

When items are scanned through the inventory is automatically processed, cutting out a lot of admin and saving time in the process. It is also possible to assign barcodes to specific customers, reducing the risk of customers incorrectly receiving the wrong invoice or payments.


If you run a nightclub it is possible to use barcodes on entry wristbands. Aside from being able to know how many people are in the club at any one time it is also possible to use this to update any information (for example if anyone is barred).

Equally this can be beneficial for other businesses if you want to keep track of employees knowing who is working at any one time, who is on a break and so forth.

Aside from being able to ensure people are safe this can also monitor how long people are working and keep track of overtime.

You can also use barcodes to track assets such as computers and other equipment. This may sound extreme but a common problem is people stealing from businesses and it is important to maintain security.


Say a customer needs to return an item to you. You ask them “What’s the serial number?”

With a barcode, it is possible to have it clearly printed out and easy for the person to read out. While writing down a serial number is ok if you have perfect handwriting any mistakes could potentially cause problems.

It can even apply to events- you can write an RSVP card with a barcode in order to check who has or has not responded, making it easier to gauge numbers.

Find out more

There are a range of possible barcode solutions, each one ideal for different types of business. Whether it’s an HP barcode or LaserJet barcode there is something that can suit your needs. For more information contact Top Barcode, today and we will be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail.