Benefits Of Barcodes

There are lot of ways that barcodes could potentially benefit your business. Here are a just few examples of how barcode printing can work for you.


Data collection

Data can be valuable for any business- however even the most skilled and fast paced typist is five times slower than data that is collected through the barcode system.

There is also the benefit of an increased level of accuracy- people entering data through typing on a keyboard will on average make a mistake 1 times in 300 whereas for a barcode system this risk of mistakes is lowered to 1 in 3 million.

How does this translate to your business? Let’s say you are making deliveries- if you accidentally deliver too much to your customer they are not likely to report it and you will make a loss. By contrast if a customer gets less than they need you are going to hear about it very quickly!


Better decision making

As an example of how barcodes can help let’s say you run a restaurant. You want to know what dishes are popular and what to order in. Being able to track what sells accurately will make it easier to gauge what you need to buy in, reducing the risk of running out at crucial times and being able to adjust what you order in according to demand.

Having faster access to information is also useful as well- allowing you to get an extra edge on your competition.


Point of sale

Speeding up this process can be crucial. If you are a smaller business it can be hard to compete- therefore investing in technology that can speed up the process can result in more sales in the day and more satisfied customers.

This can also be true of people who sell their products at trade fairs or exhibitions- portable barcode readers can be used to process the sales and with card machines being more affordable now you can increase the amount of potential customers.



There are various ways that barcode printing could potentially enhance the security of your business. Instead of writing down when someone checks into your office you could scan them in, taking down a lot more information in the process.

There is also a safety aspect to this as well- having an accurate record of who enters and exits the building can make it simpler to check who has been evacuated or needs to be evacuated in the event of an emergency.


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Whether it is Code 128 or an HP barcode the printing process is not necessarily expensive- the print costs for each barcode is equivalent to a few pennies. For more information on the range of fonts and systems we offer contact Top Barcodes today and we will be happy to discuss your needs in more detail.