Barcodes- Keywords You Should Know

There are various things you may see when ordering barcode scanners or printers. These terms can look complicated but they don’t necessarily have to be. In this article, we are going to look at a few of the common terms you will see and what they mean.

Barcode Fonts

Depending on how much information you want to put into your barcode you need a specific font. These are relatively inexpensive to produce and include-

  • Code 39- A common font that includes the number 0-9, plus a couple of additional characters such as the $ and % sign.
  • Code 128- This includes the full set of characters and so is very useful if you need to include a lot of complex information in a short space.
  • UPC or EAN- These are important if you want to sell your products to a retailer (make sure you have the right one, UPC for United States and EAN for Europe).
  • QR Codes- These have become more common throughout various forms of media as they allow people with smart phones or tables to scan the codes in order to get different types of information, ranging from money off vouchers to seeing the latest film trailer online.
  • Prescription- If you want to create barcodes for medical purposes there are specific codes for prescriptions. This is especially useful as it can take out a lot of the time it takes to write out information on bags (something that has been estimated could save the National Health Service as much as £1 billion!)


Essentially if you want to adapt a printer for barcodes then a BarDIMM system will allow for this- it can print 2D barcodes, with the added benefit of being able to print them both horizontally and vertically.

Alternatively, you can use SAP barcodes to print as these are specifically tailored to print off rather than needing to use an additional system. With codes costing pennies to print off this is especially effective for not a lot of money, whether you use a LaserJet or HP printer.

Come to us

People often make the mistake of assuming barcodes are expensive or feel that they are for larger businesses. This is quite the opposite- for example using data entry with a barcode rather than using manual data entry can make taking stock a lot more efficient.

There are a lot of different ways this can be beneficial to a business- for example being able to have more efficient stock taking when you run a café or a restaurant will mean you can always have what you need and not run out at critical times. Furthermore, it makes it easier to gauge what is popular and so you know what to order in at the correct time.

There are various types of barcode systems available. Different types are more effective for different types of business. If you want to know more about this or to discuss your needs in more detail please contact Top Barcodes today.