Why Barcodes Are Great For Small Businesses And Start-ups


Barcodes are often something people think of with regard to large scale parcel deliveries or supermarkets. What you may not know is that there are a lot of ways that barcodes could potentially benefit small businesses or businesses that are just starting up.


Regardless of the size of your business if you handle products the chances are you will have to do a stock take at some point. With large amounts of data entry, the simple fact is barcodes are considerably more accurate.

Saving money

Aside from the fact that it is relatively cheap to produce barcodes there is the fact they can help save money in the long term- for example if you are looking to order stock having a more accurate inventory will reduce the risk of over-ordering items (this can be useful both in terms of products and items such as stationery, bathroom supplies and so forth).

People expect professionalism

In recent times customers have become more demanding. With the rise of social media and review websites people are able to express their views a lot quicker and sadly bad reviews travel quicker than good. This is why being able to process items quicker with barcodes can increase the chances of repeat customers and more positive reviews as it shows you are committed to investing in your business.

More information

Another big advantage of using barcodes is being able to store a lot more information. For example, if you wanted to supply clothing to major stores it helps to be able to include information such as clothing sizes, washing instructions and so forth.

These bits of information could be crucial- it increases the chances of people buying your products and also reduces the risk of complaints as the information is more easily accessible.

You don’t need specialist equipment

In the past people may have been hesitant to use barcodes because they do not have a computer or don’t have their own specialist premises. Now it is possible to use tablets so it doesn’t matter if you have your own store or you sell your products through conventions or trade fairs.

There are also practical benefits- being able to check stock via your tablet can reduce the amount of time that customers have to wait around, making you more efficient and more productive.

Long term benefit

For any small business or start-up, the major concern is often the costs involved with setting up. The danger with this approach is that in order to make short term savings you can hurt your business in the longer term. Therefore, it is better to invest in a barcode printing system early on so that it is in place and you can immediately get the full benefit from it.

To discuss the options available to you and to find the ideal barcode printing solution for your business please contact Top Barcode today and we will be happy to look over the options available and find the ideal solution for you.