How Barcodes Can Boost Your Marketing

There are a lot of potential uses for barcodes- for example recent estimates have suggested that prescription barcodes could save the NHS as much as £1 billion. However, it’s not just big businesses or organisations like the NHS that can benefit- in this article we are going to look at how barcodes could be used to boost your marketing and help get your business out there.

QR codes

The chances are you have seen QR codes without knowing it. For example, a lot of posters for blockbuster films use them so that you can scan with your phone in order to see the trailer. Equally this has been done with other forms of advertising, giving people the chance to get more information about your products.

For example, putting a QR code on your business card will allow people to visit your website and find out more about you. Furthermore, it provides an added layer of professionalism and means the card is less cluttered and doesn’t need a lot of information.


You have probably seen larger companies offer prize giveaways with barcodes. This often encourages people to buy more products as they want to get the chance to win a prize.

However, this is not just something that has to be restricted to larger companies- smaller companies can also do this as well and it is a good opportunity to get people coming to you.

Another example could be giving out promotional items such as mugs, calendars etc with the barcode on. The advantage of this in addition to a flyer is that people are going to reuse mugs, calendars and so forth in a way that they may not do so with a flyer. Therefore, there is the chance you could retain more customers than you would through promotional reading literature alone and they are more likely to contact you if they are being proactive and looking for the website themselves.

How to get the most from them

When it comes to using a marketing barcode it is important to ensure it works well. Having a large enough code is important as you need people to able to scan it (especially if they are using phones) as this will allow them to see what you want them to see.

It is also important to consider practical issues such as the material you are printing on or the colour (if you are making merchandise such as wristbands then some colours may not print on or may be more difficult to scan).



The benefit of barcodes

Whether it’s Code 128 or QR codes barcodes are not that expensive to print, indeed often it’s a case of pennies per code. There are a range of barcode fonts available and it’s worth looking at the different options available to you.

To find out more about the range of codes available or to discuss what marketing options would work best for your business (as well as other types of barcode that could potentially be beneficial) please contact us today so we can go over your requirements in more detail.