Barcode Singles 1D

Barcode Singles 1D


Barcode Singles is a comprehensive collection of barcode fonts and utilities.

They allow users to create and print their own barcodes from within Windows and are available to be purchased and licenced across many combinations of environments.

Example Uses of Barcode Fonts

  •  Packaging
  •  Marketing material / Coupons
  •  Document Tracking
  •  Warehouse / Stock control
  •  Labels
  •  Database Records

Key Features

  •  Produce variable barcodes from within Windows applications
  •  Automatic error checking and encoding
  •  Fully integrated into Microsoft Office
  •  Add-in for MS Word, MS Excel
  •  Extended Excel Functions
  •  DLL for own developments (MS Access, .NET, VB, C#, etc)
  •  Graphics Image Generation
  •  Batch File Conversions
  •  Easy component MSI installs ready for use simply in minutes
  •  Licencing: User, Server & Enterprise for all situations


  • Barcode Singles 5.x is delivered for Windows OS from XP to Windows 8.1
  • Windows Server 2003 on, with 32 & 64 bit support
  • MS Office 2003-2013
  • Remote Desktop and Virtual environments.

Advantages of Barcode Fonts

  •  Fonts are Fully Scalable, with Human readable text options
  •  Create as many as you require
  •  Easy to insert or integrate where required

Windows Barcode Utility

  • Provides error checking, and checksums
  • Allows you to enter manual data for single barcodes to cut & paste
  • Produces optional graphics Image file of Barcode created
  • Provides batch mode for Barcode String File conversion
  • 4 heights, each then fully scalable

Graphics Image generation


Office Add in – Word & Excel

  • Add in Ribbon Bar to Word & Excel
  • Select and Insert Barcode
  • Quick Encode existing data mode
  • Error checking

Excel Functions

  • Add in Barcode functions for full cell control and Excel usage

DLL Functions

  • Provides Windows Integrated assembly DLL
  • For applications and use with .Net, C#, F#, VB, C++, etc
  • For use with MS Access
  • Build into own applications
  • Provided with Simple Code Samples
  • ActiveX and Com add-in